Friday, March 4, 2011

Dog the Bounty Hunter's Attorney on Lawsuit: "The Chapmans Acted Properly"

Duane Dog Chapman Mug Shot
The attorney representing TV reality star/bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman and his crew says there is no merit to a lawsuit that was filed against them in Colorado by a man who claims they defamed him and had him falsely arrested.

"[The] lawsuit has no basis in law or fact," San Francisco, Calif. attorney James A. Quadra told Celebrity Crime Reporter. "His claims lack any merit, and even a cursory inspection on the police records … show that the Chapmans acted properly."

The lawsuit filed by 37-year-old Hoang Minh Phung Nguyen last year, was taken to mediation earlier this week.

Chapman, his sons Duane Chapman II and Leland Chapman, and local bail bondsman Bobby Brown went after Nguyen in April 2009 because he skipped on a $12,000 bail bond, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

Chapman's crew reportedly told police that Nguyen fired a gun at them when they attempted to take him into custody. Nguyen was arrested on suspicion of attempted second-degree murder and menacing and possession of a weapon by a previous offender.

The alleged weapon was never located and prosecutors later declined to file the charges, citing insufficient evidence in the case, the newspaper said.

In the lawsuit, Nguyen claims helost his job as a result of the incident and had to relocate. He also says he was injured by pepper pellets that were allegedly fired at him.

In addition to the Chapmans and Brown, the lawsuit also names Chapman's company, DA Kine Bail Bonds, Inc. as well as Hybrid Films, the New York City firm that produces the "Dog the Bounty Hunter" television program, as defendants.

If mediation fails to result in a settlement, the suit will move forward to trial on Nov. 28, ABC-7 News reported.

Photo Credit: Police file photo


Anonymous said...

They wont stop until they serve time. Leland punches a guy after walking back towards a man he knows not sober and thinking rationally and chest bumps the man. The man pushes Leland off Leland then punches the old man then drags him. These Chapmans(watch the series) have always look for a fight. They like law enforcement should be held to a hire standard. The arrest was made they should have left the property immediately becaue thats when things go south.

Anonymous said...

Beth is so fowl mouth. Watch the re run this a.m. she is just cussing up a storm and yelling at the top of her lungs in front of a 8 month old. Being retired Department of Corrections I had my share of Use of Force if any of my staff behaved in that manner to get us into a Use of Force situation they would be written up. Beth is always calling name and always forgetting of her soiled past. They weren't that bad when they bot into the fight with the meth people. Leland was getting beaten a few feet from Dog and he wouldn't go help his own son but yelp like a puppy" run leland , run". Then a man punch Dog aka puppy in the head . Did big bad Dog go after him no he sprayed the guy. Dog had no back up. How many of you seeing your son jump by 3 men would sit back and yell for him to run and not jump in and help? They would have to beat me and my son. A coward true color eventually shows.

Anonymous said...

Watch what I tell you now. Somebody is eventually going to get hurt and hurt bad. If someone don't calm this group down. Disrespect is big in the street and thats what this group does best. God forbid one day someone has a gun and because of the disrespect they pull it instead of walking away like they would have done. Then who's to blame huh Dog , Beth , Leland ,Lyssa. Read about the bar incident doesnt shock me. Dog in a womans face (allegedly) some real men step in to defend her only to be attack.